When an avalanche killed six and injured 20 in Colorado, it sparked a national outcry

A series of snowfalls and avalanches in Colorado have left six people dead and 20 injured.

Colorado Gov.

John Hickenlooper announced the deaths of two women and a man from the avalanche and a woman who was hit by a car that broke down in the avalanche.

The deaths come after a series of avalanches and snowstorms in Colorado over the past several weeks, prompting Hickenlosper to declare a state of emergency and send a massive rescue team to the region.

The National Weather Service said that the avalanche was centered on a parking lot in Denver, and a small car was involved in the crashes.

The snowfall was about 10 inches (25 centimeters), but it was too light for rescue crews to be able to get to it, the weather service said.

Colorado’s snowfall totals are the most since 1998, when the state had 3.4 inches of snow.