Why you should love my color pickers

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily color pick and share your favorite images. 

If you’re a beginner, I recommend you watch this video for a quick introduction to color pick.

If you’re an expert, here are some more useful tips. 


Find the image you want to use. 

For this tutorial I’m using a photo of a cat. 

My favorite color pick is purple because it’s bold, vibrant, and has a warm tone. 


Choose the right color. 

I chose this picture of a blue bird. 

The photo’s tone is warm and bright, so I chose blue for the picker. 


Use your picker to select and color your image. 

Use the image picker icon to select the image.

Then click on the red triangle icon to open the Picker menu. 


Add the image to your post. 

Open the image editor on your device.

Click on the + icon in the upper-right corner of the editor. 

Choose the “Add image” option and then click the “Open” button. 


Save the image and share it. 

To share the image, open the image editors app on your phone and go to the “Share” tab. 

You’ll be asked to choose your preferred sharing method. 


Enjoy your new favorite image! 

Now, you can share your new image in social media, share it to your favorite Pinterest board, and even post it to Instagram! 

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How to Use Color Picker To Color Pick An Image: Step 1: Find the photo you want color pick for. 

Step 2: Use the image finder to pick out the image that you want your color pick to highlight. 

It should look something like this: 3) Click the red triangles icon to add an image to the pickers color pick list. 

When you click the + symbol, you’ll be able to add more images.

The picker will show you a list of available colors. 

Once you click on one of those images, you should be able see a list that looks like this. 

Your picker should highlight the selected image.

Step 3: Share your new color pick with your friends! 

If your pickers image is very similar to this image, you might want to add the following color to your photo: 5) Click on “Share image” in the pickercolor picker on your mobile device. 

In the photo editor, click on “Add Image” to add your image to a color pick that you created. 

Here’s an example of how you might add a photo that’s very similar: 6) When your image is done, go back to the Color Pickers app on the iOS and Android apps. 

Click the + button next to the image’s name. 

7) Choose your color for the photo. 

Fill in the color pick of the selected color in the drop-down box. 

8) Share your image!

Step 4: Enjoy your newly picked color! 

Hope this was helpful!

 Have any questions? 

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