— Colorado University has hired a lawyer to file an objection to the University of Colorado’s plan to switch to a time zone in 2020.

The school said in a statement Thursday that it will oppose the change as an unconstitutional attempt to restrict the free speech rights of students and faculty.

“We are concerned that the University will use the time zone change as a means to regulate and control the content of speech and to suppress the expression of our political views,” the school said.

In its complaint filed Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado said that the change would make the University a “federal, not-for-profit entity.”

The school will also have to create a website that informs students and staff that their speech rights are under attack.

Colonie is one of the nation’s top public universities, with more than 25,000 students enrolled in more than 100 majors and disciplines.

It also has the University Of Colorado’s signature “Big Book” of history and culture.

Colorado’s public universities are overseen by the state’s Board Of Regents, which is made up of four members appointed by the governor.

The university has been the target of legal action in the past.

In 2008, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by students who said the school was violating students’ First Amendment rights to free speech and association.

The students said the University did not provide adequate information about the proposed change and did not notify them.

Last year, the university settled a lawsuit with the students who were charged with “obstruction of justice” after they refused to turn over documents to the university’s criminal justice department.