A look at the new, random coloring pages on Google News

Google has introduced new pages to its search engine that randomly select out some of its most popular news articles and colors them according to user feedback.

The new page, which has been available since last week, will show up in the news results if a user searches for “news” and then clicks on the word “random.”

The new pages appear to be similar to the ones Google introduced last year.

They have been designed to be used with a new algorithm that uses more complex rules to weed out the most popular articles, and users have suggested the new pages will also be used in search results if users type in keywords they like to search for.

It’s unclear whether the new page is being rolled out in a big way or if Google has only tested the pages on a small number of users.

Users have complained about the lack of content, saying that they were left wondering if their searches were being redirected to spam and other content that wasn’t useful.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the pages.

Google News is a popular source for news and information on Google, but there’s no guarantee that any of the news pages will actually appear in the search results.