Craigslist colorado rocks again!

A search for “colorado rocks” on Craigslist turned up another item.

The item’s description read: “Coloring book by L.V.M. Guggenheim” or something like that.

Gogginheim’s other work includes a coloring book for adults called “Colouring Book for Adults with ADHD.”

The article also said the book was for sale for $12.99.

But the listing has been removed from the site since Wednesday.

In a tweet, Goggens lawyer, Marc Rosenbaum, said the company has contacted the city of Colorado Springs to get the book back, and that Goggan’s listing is no longer active.

“The listing on Craigslist is removed for copyright violations,” he said in a tweet.

“They did contact us to get it back, but we can’t make it happen right now.”

Goggin’s lawyer also told the Calgary Herald that Guggin had told them that he was “going to contact a lawyer” about the book and that they should get it taken down.

The Calgary Herald contacted the owner of the book’s online listing and a man who said he works for Gogger but did not provide any details.