Google tests colorblind color test for iPhone 5

Google has launched a color blind test to help users test their iPhones and iPads to make sure they’re color blind.

The tests, which are only available for the iPhone 5s and 5c, use the same software and software testing system used by Apple’s Color Vision Test.

The Color Vision test was designed to test whether a person can see in three colors simultaneously and whether they can distinguish between different shades of red, green and blue.

It’s similar to a standard Color Vision Check test but uses more sophisticated hardware.

Users can also compare the difference between different colors by holding a test strip up to a light source and seeing if the light hits different colors.

Users must be color blind to take the test.

Google has previously said that it will not be releasing a colorblind test for other iPhones and will not do so on the iPhone 6s, which was released earlier this year.

Google says the tests will be available from October 25th.

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