How to dress as a football fan in Italy

I know you can’t read the weather here. 

But the weather in the city of Rome can be quite… different than the weather at home. 

So how do you dress as an Italian football fan? 

This is one of those times when it’s important to take your best shot. 

Here’s a quick guide to the basics of the Italian football season.

Source Football Italian 1 The season begins in October. 

The second half of the season runs from February to June. 

And the final two weeks of the Serie A season run from June to August. 

Source Football Italia 2 If you don’t live in Rome, you need to know what to wear. 

If not, here’s the basics. 

source Football Italflory 3 If the weather isn’t too good, get out there and have fun. 

You’ll want to wear some kind of head-to-toe jacket, and there’s nothing better than a shirt with your crest on it. 

It also doesn’t hurt to wear the same colour. 

That’s right, your favourite team will be wearing red. 

Plus, this is one season when the colours of the league aren’t so obvious. 

There’s even a season in which teams are given a new logo every season. 

We’ll take a look at all of this over the next couple of weeks.

Source Italian 4 It’s time to watch some Serie A football. 

While you’re here, have a look out for a football match on TV. 

These aren’t the only football matches that will be broadcasted over the weekend. 

They’re not the only games, either, but they’re a big part of the show. 

I’ve compiled a handy guide to all of them. 

 And as always, there are a few more Serie A games to check out before the season starts. 

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