Why are the ‘Trump-Ford’ stories so scary? ‘Trump’s’ stock market meltdown’

“I think there is a lot of skepticism about Trump’s ability to do the things that are necessary to fix this problem,” said Mr. Fiske.

“And I think that we’ve seen this before.”

Mr. Trump has been criticized for his handling of the crisis.

He has said he would not have used military force, and instead, has blamed the spill on “global warming.”

Mr. Trump and his allies have suggested that the government should have done more to protect the oil industry, but Mr. Baca has been more outspoken about the need for more government intervention.

Mr. Fischke said the situation is getting worse.

“We’re getting to the point where we’re really in a situation where we can’t see any hope for recovery,” he said.

“There’s no hope for our economy.

We’re in a very dangerous environment, with global warming.”ABC News’ Mary Jo Markey contributed to this report.