Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Jeep will be sold in Colorado for the first time in 30 years – Axios

AUSTIN, Texas—With a record high demand for SUVs and pickup trucks, Jeep will begin selling its Jeep Wranglers in Colorado in October for the very first time since 1965.

The company’s Jeep brand is now the third-largest in the U.S., after Ford and General Motors.

Colorado is a key market for Jeep, which has been making pickups and SUVs in Colorado since 1999.

But in recent years, Jeep has been shifting its focus to trucks and SUVS, leaving the market largely barren of small pickup trucks.

Colorado is the only state that has not banned the import of foreign brands.

The Colorado pickup market is not expected to return to the levels seen before the Great Recession.

Colorado saw more than 4,000 new pickups and nearly 9,000 vehicles built in 2015.

But it also has fewer new SUVs than the U-Haul, Ford and Chevy brands combined.

“It’s important for us to bring our brands here to Colorado, and we have some very good vehicles that we will be able to offer,” John Wetzner, Jeep’s chief marketing officer, told Axios in an interview.

The first Jeep Wrangs will be offered in Colorado starting Oct. 1, according to the company.

They will have a base price of about $17,000 and a starting price of $22,000.

Colorado Gov.

John Hickenlooper has proposed a $3,000 tax on every new vehicle sold, a $2,500 fee for the second vehicle and a $4,000 fee for each subsequent vehicle.

Colorado sales tax rates are based on a 10% sales tax rate, which is one of the lowest in the nation, according the state’s Department of Revenue.

It is a flat 10% with a 6% surcharge.

According to the state Department of Taxation, Jeep plans to have a total of 7,800 vehicles in Colorado, about 7% of the total number of vehicles in the state.

Colorado has more than 8,300 registered vehicles, according U.W.S. Bureau of the Census figures.

The new Wrangler will have more room for upgrades than a Jeep Wright.

The Wrangler’s 2.7-liter V6 engine has an average compression ratio of 6.7:1, while the Wrangler is expected to have the same 8.0-liter engine, according Axios.

The Wrangler has more rear-wheel drive than its predecessors.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the third largest brand in the world, behind only Ford and Toyota.

But Jeep is also a popular vehicle in Colorado because it has a large number of SUVs.

The company plans to offer a variety of upgrades, including suspension upgrades, a more powerful engine, a bigger roof and a larger roof rack, as well as a lower price tag, according Wetznner.

The automaker has also announced plans to increase production of its Ram 1500, the Ram 2500 and the Ram 1500R.

It also plans to bring back its Jeep Grand Wagoneers and Wrangles to Colorado.