How to get an online girlfriend with a black girl

A college professor who said she has been accused of racism for wearing a color-coded bracelet that is the only way to have an online relationship with a colored girl has apologized for her “miscommunication.”

The professor, who goes by the online name Lady_Girl_Girl, told Fox News the bracelet was not meant to be racist.

She said she thought the bracelet would make her feel like she had been accepted by a black person, not treated as an equal.

But after seeing her bracelet on a social media site, she realized it would not only make her more attractive to girls but it would also allow her to “receive more attention from white men.”

She said it was just an experiment and was not racist.

“I’m not trying to be offensive.

I’m just curious.

I have a good relationship with my white girlfriend,” she said.

Lady_Girl said she had to be careful not to let her online relationship “go to waste.”

The university she teaches at had an online forum where students could share their experiences with black women.

The forums were designed to help students get to know black women and to have open conversations about race.

“It’s just a really difficult conversation to have because you are the only one that is talking about it,” Lady_Girls told FoxNews.

“I’ve got so much information to share.”

She had to put up with harassment and threats on her Facebook page after her black girlfriend started dating a white guy.

She said she was so upset she posted on Facebook a picture of herself holding a gun and saying she was going to shoot him.

She told Fox that she was not being racist but was upset she had the bracelet on and had not taken it off.

She had been thinking about how the bracelet will impact her relationships and the fact that it would make black girls feel like they have a black boyfriend, she said, but she had no idea that the bracelet could lead to racism.

Lady’s girlfriend is not an African American.

She is a black woman who has been in a relationship with an Asian man.

She was also shocked to see the hashtag #blacksquarrie being used to make her look bad.

Lady said she knew she was being provocative and that she did not know what to do if she thought someone was being racist or insensitive.

Lady is the author of “Black Girl’s Quarrie” and has written dozens of articles for the student newspaper and other publications.

She told Fox she has not spoken to her black boyfriend since she posted the picture of the bracelet.