How to get your red hair back after redheads dye


– It was the first time the color of her red hair was seen.

But the blonde, who has red hair that turns white in winter, did not know it was dyeing until a friend told her about it.

For years, Laura Brown, a 29-year-old redhead, has struggled with hair loss and dyeing her red-haired hair red to make it more “flattering.”

Brown’s hair is grayish in color.

When Brown first started noticing her hair was starting to turn gray and white, she knew she had to stop.

But after she saw her friend Melissa Sowards, a color-blind woman who lives in Orange County, Calif., who was dyey, Brown’s friends, who were in the same boat, decided to make the switch together.

Brown said it took about three months to fully adjust to the change and said it has helped her keep her life together.

She said her hair has gotten more manageable since.

“I love it,” Brown said.

“I love the color, I love the fact that I can do things that I wouldn’t be able to before.”

Brown’s hair color was originally dark brown in color but it has since turned to white.

She is in her early 30s and said she is “very lucky” she is in good health.

She said she dyed her hair at the salon and it was a fun time.

“My hair really changed over the course of two months,” she said.

When she dyed it red, Brown said she was able to use up a lot of her disposable hair gel and it helped her lose weight.

She has a small garden in her backyard and is planning on planting a cherry tree to honor her friend.

She also hopes to attend the University of California, Davis next year to study dentistry and also plans on starting a landscaping business.

She will continue to try to find a color that works for her and said if her hair color is gray, she will stop dyeing it.

“If I’m not able to achieve my goal, I’m happy with the way I look,” Brown added.

“If I don’t achieve it, I want to change it.”